About me

Hello! I’m Claire. It was a few years into my work as a hypnotherapist and life coach that I realised that I wasn’t being totally honest and open with my clients – and that sat badly with me. Despite helping my clients achieve some remarkable results, I wasn’t fully there beside them – and that’s because I was drinking. At least a bottle of wine a night. I was helping people push through their own self-imposed barriers, encouraging them to pursue the most amazing life that was out there, and yet, every single night, I would open that bottle of wine and damage my mind and body. I hated myself for doing it. I kept trying to moderate – cut the bottle to half a bottle, drink once or twice a week – but eventually it crept up again.

I love being a life coach and therapist -more than anything in the world. And I hated encouraging my clients to lead their best lives while I was holding myself back and systematically dragging myself down. I never woke up in a gutter. I never did anything terrible. And I never started drinking after breakfast. There was nothing dramatic. Just a realisation that I DESERVED A FAR BETTER LIFE THAN THE ONE I HAD!

And so, I went sober. I set myself a target of 100 days and it was terrifying. It was grim at the start and by day three I was ready to give up. I had the support of a wonderful therapist who helped me stay on track and create an image of the way that my life could be. It was a life changing experience. The 100 days of sobriety – during which I didn’t try and drink away my feelings of self-dislike and anxiety – increased my confidence and gave me a whole new outlook on life. I realised that I had been drinking because I didn’t really like myself. I found it difficult to deal with the anxiety and depression which sometimes came to the fore, and I used drink to self-medicate. I also used alcohol to keep me running when I was tired and stressed and overwhelmed. When I realised all this, and worked through these issues – which included making some huge lifestyle changes – I no longer had the desire to drink in a damaging way.

It’s impossible for me to say how much my life has improved. Alcohol held me back. It confirmed everything I thought was bad about myself. I sometimes felt like it was a slow death, like I was on a treadmill of self damage which I couldn’t get off. When I realised that life could be so different, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience to help others.